Transgender Day of Visibility

Saturday, March 30, 2024 from
Fondren Park
Jackson, MS

Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) is a day dedicated to uplifting transgender and gender non-conforming / non-binary individuals while increasing society's awareness of the work that remains to be done for justice, equality and acceptance. Although our event is being held on March 30th, TDOV is internationally recognized on March 31st, annually. The day brings the community together to recognize the resilience and the beautiful diversity we embody.

This event will highlight transgender people, allowing for storytelling and connection through tabling, speaking, entertainment and serving. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase from transgender vendors, representing transgender-led services, businesses and organizations, enjoy live music by transgender artists, gather resources on how to better serve and advocate for the transgender community, and more. Lunch will be served (free) and other treats will be available, as a fundraising opportunity for the TRANS Program. Kids will have a special corner (with sitters), where they will play games and read “banned” kid’s books and transgender people will grace the stage for a “Visibility Runway”. All are invited to participate in the #transisbeautiful challenge by planting flowers and taking photos of themselves at our dedicated flower bed. TDOV will be a fun and purposeful event for the whole family!

This year’s Transgender Day of Visibility event is with focus on transgender resilience and direct acknowledgement, appreciation and support of transgender individuals. It’s time to truly “see” transgender people by enabling them to showcase their passions, skills and stories. In the wake of HB1125 becoming law, current movement on bills like HB1607 and growing attacks on our community, we must work even harder to create spaces where trans people can exist authentically, feel safe, experience community support and thrive. We choose to be visible, heard and celebrated! That’s what this event is all about – celebrating trans people and our inherent dignity and humanity, despite attacks thrown our way. Transgender people will never “go away”. We are proud to be visible and we will mark this day as one of action, celebration, and positive change!